Financial Freedom Is Not a Dream Anymore. It’s Your Turn!

Get started and learn how to create, launch and scale your own brand on the biggest platform in the world, Amazon.

You Are a Few Steps From Realizing Your Dream Life


Tired of commuting every day? Always wanted to work on your own terms/hours and only do the things that you like? Do you need some tips to guide you through your journey? Then you came to the right place. 

Many have become millionaires by starting their own business on Amazon, and now they’re living the life they have always wanted. Only a few hours here and there to make sure the business is running and their stock is not empty. Wayne Smith, our Amazon Expert is one of them. In this live event, Wayne will share his experience, tell you why you should also start your own business, and answer your questions if you have any.

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Thursday, 2021/11/30 at 7 PM (CET)

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Wayne Smith

Wayne has trained thousands of people around the world in sales on Amazon, both individuals but also larger companies from around the world in how to optimize an e-commerce store and grow on Amazon. He has developed a complete digital training for how to succeed with sales on Amazon.

Wayne Smith has been working exclusively with sales and marketing on Amazon for the past 7 years. He is a well-known lecturer on the topic and has lectured in the UK, USA, Spain, South Africa, and Sweden on the theme of sales on Amazon.